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I envision a shared conference room behind the receptionist to be utilized by either company," I said.Tamara spoke up, "I don't see me in the office o... a daily basis. I'll be hiring a general manager who will be though... and a corporate staff of probably four to five people: a GM, a controller, and someone to handle product inventory controls, plus maybe a clerk/gofer. Who will have the receptionist on staff?" I don't really care," I said. "I only need someone to filter calls for me. I don't. She wasn't just going to help people, she was gonna be remembered as one of the greats.She heads below deck to collect her things. Money was tight every since leaving her arcane studies behind, and was all but gone after paying her way on this ship. She did still have quite a few nice things, a trunk of clothes, a satchel of books to stay sharp on her studies, and a small ruby necklace that helped her focus her magic.She could hear the muffled shouting of orders above deck as the ship was more. Her face paled, the blood draining out. "Are you breaking up with me?" No!" I exclaimed. Breaking up with her was the last thing I wanted. "No ... it's not that..." What is it, sweetie?" she sat down next to me and took my trembling hands.I took a deep breath, trying to steady my voice. "I went to the doctor today. You know where I haven't been feeling well lately..."There was a medical report folded up on my lap. I handed it to her.My voice was hoarse with fear. "I'm pregnant." What? ... How?. I learned how to play boy games like football and baseball. That kept me out of trouble."When I was thirteen my dad died, one thing led to another and I tried on some of my mom's dresses. I told myself that it was grief and that I was looking for comfort. By that time I had almost convinced myself that I could live as a normal boy. After that I have dressed in private many times and even collected a small wardrobe. I finished high school early and got a job as a web designer and my own.

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