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All I am is thinking about him touching me and his eyes on me, and I am getting so turned on. I imagine him kissing a trail from my breast to my clit....When I touch my clit I automatically lift my hips up from the sensation. I slowly and gently run my finger up and down my lips, picturing there are his tongue. My other hand is still caressing my beast and softly pinching my nipples. I move one finger to my opening and I slowly push it into my tight box. It feels so good that I begin to move it. I learned an important lesson at that moment; do not take a swallow of a liquor drink when your best friend strips in front of you. C-N-C shot out of my nose as I choked and gasped for air. Once I had gotten my breath and cleared my head I asked, "you want me to wash your back?" "Yes" he answered as he turned and walked back in the bathroom.I got up and headed to the bathroom door, finishing off my drink in the process. When I got to the door, Howard was standing at the shower. "Like I said, it. When Hank removed the bedspread Cathy was momentarily confused that the bedding was the same as earlier in the day. Crisp, clean and sweet smelling; it was like the wetting episode hadn't happened at all. She let herself be tucked in, once more briefly wondered about the crinkling sound – and fell into deep sleep.Chapter 4To her despair, Cathy was drenched again when she woke up next morning. "Granddad," she cried out and within moments Hank was there. He had in fact checked up on her a few. You know just where I mean don’t you? My hands seem to have a mind of their own moving around your sides and up your back All the while you are twisting your head to get me to stop nibbling your neck there The Goosebumps are really going wild I see as they travel down your arms your back and appear on the thighs and those sexy calves of yours So I move back just a bit and quickly bite on the other side Can’t have that side feeling jealous from lack of attention Seems the buttons on your blouse.

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