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I'd stayed up late catching up on my reading for class, but had yet to hear any sound from downstairs, let alone a soft knock on my door.Staring up at...the ceiling I grudgingly admitted that I missed Emily. I still wasn't sure how I felt about her, but she'd made some impressive strides over the last few days and I'd grown used to having her nearby. I forced myself to relax and eventually drifted off to sleep.I was awoken what felt like moments later when Emily snuggled close, her still flushed. Regaining my composure I took a drink of wine to wash out the flavor of the lotion. “That is so cool! I need you to tell me all about it!” I replied turning to Anna excitedly. “Oh and why’s that?” Anna soothingly asked. “So I can write it down for my story. It would make a great read someday.” I could tell she was somewhat apprehensive about it. “We can change all the names so that no one will know it is you. C’mon, what do you say?” Anna thought for a moment, and then a wicked smile crossed. And Mrs. May I know your first names?” Jill asked breaking the ice.“Sure, my dear. My husband is Robert, but please call him Bob. I’m Melanie, but please call me Mel.” Melanie said to us.I decided to speak up, “Bob, you were going to tell me what you found out about me.”“Oh, not ‘just’ about you but also your beautiful wife too.” Bob said in a deadpan tone.I was having trouble reading him. My head was going through the questions…. Did he know what REALLY went on at the limo company? What did. I stood for a moment unmoving and then I saw Roger move towards me. He was peering at my crotch. I pressed my legs closer together, trying to hide what was there, but it was no use. I knew that the arousal of my nipples and breasts, together with the embarrassment of exhibiting my nearly naked body had made my pussy wet. Roger had spotted the dampness around my thighs, and so had my husband. He smiled into my face, ‘Brianna, it looks as though your cunt is leaking, open your legs.’ I.

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Josefina Vincenza

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