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Then I need you to tell Captain Bower that there was an explosion at the PAM compound just as you were driving up. Let's see what happens then."At ano...her section of the base Captain Sonny Bower was sitting in his quarters watching the Naked Sports Channel. Two muscular naked women were squared off on a wrestling mat. A whistle blew and both women charged each other. Captain Bower flinched when they collided. He muttered something about unrealistic wrestling techniques as the two women fell to. "Oh yea, fuck my ass, fuck it good! Swallow all my cum!"I lapped up as much as I could & loved it. Once Gail finished I slid out from under her and grabbed her panties, wiping up her cum I missed swallowing from my face. After I wiped my face I used her panties to wipe my cum from her face. They were pretty damp by the time I finished, and I felt like getting even kinkier with Gail, so I balled them up and shoved them in her mouth like a ball gag. Surprisingly, she let out a muffled moan when. OK I'll tell you it all but Please don't stop me till I'm finish. About three months ago I was in the park watching the k**s running around and wishing mine were still young I needed to use the bathroom and went in the one in the park as I was coming out of the stall a woman pushed me back in. I fought to get out and yelled but she held me to tight then she grab my tits and it shocked me I froze and she kissed me on the lips. I swear to god sparks flew I had never been kissed like that so. I get ready and wear a lace dress with nothing underneath, bright red to match my lipstick. I am ready and await a text to say he is in the car park at the back of my house. With a long black coat and high heels I creep out to the garages. Awaiting in the car is the man I have met online. My heart races as I have seen his huge cock many times on site. Its long and thick. A good size cock, bigger than I have ever had. I have had many a night wanking over his photos.I get into the car, I have.

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Girl Nextdoor Perky Amateur

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