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Anne's voice had changed back to the more feminine way she had spoken before the bath and I found listening and watching Anne talk quite entrancing it...was not long before we were chatting together as if it was the most normal thing to do with Sue telling Anne how she was looking forward to moving to Brighton to begin a new life living it the way she wanted to instead of worrying about what her family thought about it, I knew that she did not get along with her family and in fact had not spoken. I nodded as he choked me a little harder, and rubbed my pussy faster, my knees buckled as I moaned "God yes oh fuck yes" my body all tensed up as I orgasmed for a second time. As James let go of me I dropped to my knees, he quickly let out his cock which I took into my mouth and as I started sucking him while being almost breathless he said, " right now my horny little bitch, I want you to choke on my hard cock." Not having any choice at this moment in the matter, i felt James hands on the back. I heard this is you and your wife’s honeymoon, I must say you know how to choose your hot wife, Mr. Thompson.” The young hot Italian said.“Yes your right, I'm one lucky man.” I answered smiling.The guys and I watched the football game for a while until Sandra arrived, walking in the lounge. She looked smashing in her short, short yellow low cut summer dress and all the guys looked up at her. “Hello Mrs. Thompson.” The black young hunk sitting to my left said standing up and towering over. .. Aaahhhhh ..." Carmen screamed and her eyes flew wide open and her hips took on a power of their own and began propelling her up and down on Zee's thighs. Each time her ass cheeks seemed to slam down heavy on him, stifling her breath as she felt his cock press further inside her. Her mom pulled her forward and now was nibbling on her tits. It was too much for Carmen to take; she felt herself cumming almost right away. Her cry was sharp and piercing when it happened."OHHHH ...SHIT! OHHH FUCK!".

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