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Outside Lieutenant Dobbs tipped his hat, relief plain in his eyes. He was no longer the sharply dressed professional soldier she'd seen before. All of...the men were covered in dust, the blue of their uniforms muted to a dingy gray. He looked a little wilted. She knew she did too"I'm glad you survived," he said simply."It wasn't so bad," she said. She felt the urge to laugh hysterically at the blatant lie. She felt almost giddy to be alive. "I'm glad to see your men made it too." It looks like. Also, there has been a few requests for more ‘sex action’ between Alice and Jason. Please remember, they are still minors and I am very limited in what I can include with them due to literotica’s policies. This has hindered me a bit, but I will try to keep certain elements without violating the rules. This chapter picks up where the last one ended. If you remember, Alice was teasing Jason and he ended up getting an erection. Instead of getting mad, Alice shrugs it off and teases Jason some. She had no intention of pointing it out to him either, with the very good reason that he needed to remember these things rather than be told, and, if he did forget, like today, then there were consequences he would have to suffer. So, she let Jeff savour his ejaculation for a few moments before saying sternly, “That gets you some extra points, you naughty boy, for forgetting the tissue.”Jeff groaned as he realised his mistake and by then he was quite deflated, with Julie‘s decision to add. ‘Good morning, gentlemen,’ he began, introducing himself to the SEAL candidates/students of Class 109, as their Class Proctor for the first time, ‘Welcome to BUD/S. My name is Lieutenant Reed, and you are about to go through the toughest training in the world. Some of you will make it, however, most of you won’t. This type of training is not for everyone so, there is no shame in dropping out. According to my roster, there are ninety-four of you, and I estimate that well over ninety percent of.

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Deries Maid

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