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I'm cumming." I'd lay there on my lonely bed, jacking off and shooting my gooey sperm all over my belly.I took the chance, while we embraced, of her behind and pulling her against the hard-on in my pants that had quickly. When she didn't resist, I slowly rubbed myself against her. Then, to my amazement, she had pushed her tongue into my mouth and swayed her body against mine as we continued to kiss."Ooo," she whispered thru the kiss, "somebody's got a hard-on. Does it feel good, Davey?. We went out regularly for a couple of months, and I asked Carol for exclusivity. She said not yet, so I stopped asking for dates. I wasn’t angry, but I was confused. She must have double stacking dates, or dating during the week because we were together almost every weekend.About a month later, Carol called and asked why I hadn’t called. When I explained that if she was not ready to be exclusive, then she was not committed to seeing if our relationship was going anywhere. We did not get back. From the cheering, I think Jocelyn had her answer about what people would think of a forty-year-old woman.After standing a few minutes in her bra and panties, she started to put the jumper back on, but we heard Tanya ‘whispering’ not so quietly to her, “At least the bra,” she said.Jocelyn looked around the room, then at her husband, mouthing the words, “Yes, yes, yes.” She dropped the outfit again and reached behind her, releasing the snap. The bra fell away but Jocelyn instinctively covered. We started dating when we were 16. We kissed and made out a lot frequently.By the time she was 18 she used to call me home when her parents were not there. We used to have foreplay and oral sex. She loved being spanked and tied up. She was a sex freak and a perfect gf that a guy could ask for sex. I will describe her to you now. She is 5’7 in height. Milky white complexion. Hot boobs medium size with a very cute face. She frequently shaved her armpits and pussy. She was a complete sex bomb..

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